“Over the past 21 years as an employee of Rochester Public Schools I had the honor and privilege of working with many great people from Paape Companies. My first exposure to Paape was with their boiler repair staff who repaired boiler controls, adjusted boiler efficiencies, or made major welding repairs to the structure of the boiler vessel. It was not long after that initial exposure that I became heavily involved with the building automation system at RPS known as Andover Controls that Paape Companies sold, installed, and fully supported. Over that 21 year time frame we converted the building automation system at 28+ buildings from AC256 to Continuum, upgraded our intrusion security system to Continuum, upgraded our controlled building access (card access) to Continuum, and added secured controlled entries at 17 RPS sites using Continuum. The Continuum system became the most beneficial tool I had at my disposal to address HVAC issues, security issues, or card access. Whether at my desk, in my vehicle, at home, or on vacation I could handle any problem that came my way thanks to the staff at Paape. One feature of Continuum that I know saved many dollars and headaches was the ability to do critical alarming of systems at RPS that needed to be functioning 24-7.

Through these many years of upgrading the staff from Paape were truly the very best at customer service. Their knowledge, understanding, patience, can do/will do attitude, professionalism, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty set the standard for the other vendors who worked for me at RPS. Whenever asked or given the opportunity, I highly recommend Paape Companies as their support, service, and professionalism is the very best in the industry.

As I start my new position with the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester I can assure you Paape Companies will be a valued partner of ours.”