The lost art of pneumatics is found here at Paape.  With experience and parts Paape personnel can trouble shoot and correct those long neglected systems so your building can breathe again.  Parts are readily available, the knowledge is here.

With all the beauties of steam heat no single preventable problem can waste money like a bad steam trap.  Simple systems but the fulcrum of steam heat neglected traps either hold systems shut preventing heat or allow the steam to roar by wasting heat.  Usually hidden out of sight a trap survey can identify and correct these problems and save you money on your heating bill.

Paape companies provides boiler water treatment on a variety of levels and chemical analysis of the same.  With the difficulties presented by a lime rich water supply and the various corrosive elements naturally found in boilers, let us help you adjust to prevent the preventable.  We also do boiler and piping repair/replacement.

With the tools and the experience Paape provides air and water balancing on ventilation and piping systems to ensure proper flow to each portion of the system and correct problems occurring from the same.  We understand there isn’t a real “self-balancing” system and, more importantly why.  Let us show you why those constantly cold areas in the heart or corner of your building are the way they are.  It all boils down to math.

Our staff help each other to provide the best service possible 24-7-365.  No matter when we can provide a service to your site with access to all of our accumulated knowledge so you know you’re never alone.

Paape Companies believes in taking care of the building asset as a whole.  As a result we cover the whole range of HVAC/refrigeration installation, trouble shooting-repair and maintenance.  From chillers, rooftop package units, split systems, warm room environments, computer server rooms and industrial refrigeration Make up air units exhaust fans, building pressurization,  Paint booth catalytic heaters, and the controls that make them work, Paape companies has it covered.   By maintaining an experienced well versed staff who continue to learn and expand we keep on the leading edge.  By understanding both transfer and flow we find the root problems of those systems that “never did work right” and get them where they need to be.

The demands of budgets, conservation, and safety coupled with a 120° annual temperature swing, place enormous importance on keeping your burners operating at peak performance.  Accurate measurements of Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are essential to keep your plant operating safely, effectively, and most importantly efficiently.  With over 65 years’ experience in keeping boilers tuned Paape Companies will keep your money where it belongs and not going up the stack.

In keeping with our history Paape companies supplies, installs, and maintains burners of many varieties and styles.  Whether you are burning natural gas, propane, heavy oil or standard #2 oil, or bio-gas, we can find the burner that best suits your needs-install it to manufacturers specifications-maintain it to keep meeting those specifications or give you an upgrade from what you have currently to a number of higher efficiency burners that save you money-fuel-and meet the new standards of the 21st century.

In stock firebrick and various refractory styles with access to whatever your needs may be-Kao wool products-refractory cement-Sairset-rope and flat gasket- sealants and mortar.  We supply and install all of your refractory needs.

Paape companies maintains the licensing to repair low pressure vessels piping and high pressure vessels.  Mud legs, boiler corners, and piping repairs or corrections.  “R” and “H” stamp certification.