RS2 Technologies is an independently owned access management company, which allows them to stay close to their customers and be more responsive to their security needs.

Their engineering, service, and administrative staffs boast a long history of experience in the security industry, highlighted by a knowledge base that includes backgrounds ranging from software design to purchasing to security system integration.

There is a lot of powerful software available in the access management industry. The problem with most of it is that you have be an IT professional to use it. This is what distinguishes RS2’s line of Access It® software from the rest of the pack. RS2 is one of the only access management companies that brings an end-user perspective to the business. We realize that, more often than not, the person at the operator level is more likely to be a security guard than an IT manager. RS2 understands security people and IT people. So, although their software is designed to be easy to use, it is also packed with useful reporting and management features.